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The next Generation BMS is here..
The QBK (Cubic) BMS
Italian Class
Supremely simple



This unit proves technology can lead to some very special products.
Able to take a load off the main DCS, the QBK is very capable of handling functions that have never been expected of a small BMS.

The QBK can now maintain control of the combustion, leaving
the main DCS System be utilised for high level strategy.
Fan speeds, damper settings, high temperature bypass of the
When the DCS calls for more heat, for example, the QBK can
act on this simple instruction. It will take care of what is
required to perform your request safely & reliably.
Information is available on your smartphone via IR, lockout
causes, number of cycles, etc. QBK’s can also be networked.
Utilising a USB connection on your laptop, (providing you
have the password) you can change parameters in the QBK.

Never before has the little BMS made such a large leap……

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